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A well-ventilated attic has soffit vents which allow fresh air into the attic. The fresh air flows up between rafters to the ridge, where a ridge vent, roof vents or gable vents allow the air to exit. But if insulation is allowed to bunch against the inside slope of the roof between the rafters, air will be blocked before it can traverse the attic.

RAFT-R-MATE® attic rafter vents create a space between each rafter for air to flow freely up the rafters and into the attic. They are there to assist in the constant flow of fresh air from soffit vent to ridge.

They are used as an aid to greatly increase attic ventilation in all seasons for comfort and prevention of roof damage.

The fact they they are made of extruded polystyrene means they’ll stay in place over time and will not rot or deteriorate. They're made to work for you. In the event you decide to install rafter vents yourself or even if you have one of our installers provide this service, you can count on excellent break-resistance and lightweight rigidity that makes installation easy and painless. Unlike other baffles, Owens Corning RAFT-R-MATE® vents will fit 24" rafters or snap in half for 16" or 12" rafter spacing.


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About Our Roofing System


Most people think of a new roof as just banging up some shingles. But savvy homeowners know better! Today, effective roofing relies on advanced material technology and an integrated systems approach to protect your biggest asset - your home.

A system is an installation process that protects everything within the system. Each process has it's own job protecting and ensuring the best possible scenarios. It's a team of materials protecting you, your home and yes, even each other.

For optimum durability and beauty, a complete and healthy roofing system requires hip & ridge shingles, ventilation products, shingles, and water-resistant underlayment.


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